Saturday , November 27 2021
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Many were dead by gunmen in the western part of the country

In the western Wollega Guliso district, several residents were killed by gunmen yesterday afternoon, locals said. Many homes were burned. A resident of Gawa Kanka in Guliso district told Deutsche Welle that the security situation in the area has been tense since last Saturday. Place in a different location of the security forces …

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The people of Tigray wont stopable of idiots Gossip ordinary.

The Prosperitians tried to clarify and contextualise the many public statements their leader has made that aggravated the feelings of the TPLF leaders and their constituencies over the past two years, claims gossip. Only if prominent members of the group, such as Patriarch Abune Mathias, Cardinal Berhaneyesus, Grand Mufti Hajji …

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