Sunday , November 21 2021
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A government that can’t control locusts!

The on going genocide against the people of Amhara will have multiple negative effects on the unity of the nation and NAMA would like to disclose its firm stands that it will not bargain over the lives of the people of Amhara any more,” the statement said. According to the …

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Breaking News| Tigray Letter to 70 Countries | North Command is on the side of the people of Tigray

TPLF has reportedly faced repeated protests mainly in the Hintalo Wajirat area. The protesters accused the regional government of neglecting the cultural needs and refusing to address a host of grievances. The recent protests in Wajirat were initially triggered by the opposition against administrative re-arrangements but protesters have since added …

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Breaking News | The crowd erupted and a special force began to fight – Christian stabilized good work – Jawar said what was looted from his house

Jawar Mohammed is an Ethiopian-born American political analyst and activist. One of the founders of the Oromia Media Network (OMN),One of Jawar’s lawyers, Tokuma Daba, said he had written to the court on the details of the charges against the defendants.Defendants filed a restraining order to pay for food, rent, and …

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