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Breaking News | The New Death Village in Ethiopia.

After two days of violent protests, tensions had cooled on Friday in Addis Ababa, though the damage inflicted by the unrest there and across the Oromia region was still being tallied. Amnesty researcher Fisseha Tekle told the AFP the violence had included instances of security forces opening fire on protesters, but …

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Abi Ahmed has deceived me | Why the people of Tigray hate As for his relationship with Abby, he said, “I was misled. Forgive me. I lied a lot.”

Tigray’s official language is Tigringa . Tigray is situated between 12°–15° N and 36° 30′ – 40° 30′ E and covers 84,722 square kilometres (32,711 sq mi) Tigray had 4,316,988 inhabitants at the last Census in 2007; the latest official estimate (as at mid 2017) was 5,247,005 inhabitants. The greatest part of the population …

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Breaking News | A letter written by Jawar before entering kaliti | ” Aby’s Arab Money Laundering”

Prominent activist and media entrepreneur Jawar Mohammed has said he might challenge Ethiopian Prime Minister Abbey ahmed  in elections planned for next year, accusing him of resorting “to the early signs of dictatorship”. Jawar, who spoke to reporters at his home in Addis Ababa on Friday, had earlier accused security forces of trying to …

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