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Many were dead by gunmen in the western part of the country

In the western Wollega Guliso district, several residents were killed by gunmen yesterday afternoon, locals said. Many homes were burned. A resident of Gawa Kanka in Guliso district told Deutsche Welle that the security situation in the area has been tense since last Saturday. Place in a different location of the security forces aspiring Subsequently, the victim is a mission of collecting explain mekifetechewinimi gunshots. “Ten o’clock came šebešebuti society; They then gathered and opened fire in the middle of the meeting. So far we have 56 people. But no one else was present. So shots are everywhere. Residents who spoke to Deutsche Welle said there had been attacks at various times in the past. As a result, they claim to have moved to another area. They also said that yesterday’s attack caused severe damage. Although the Oromia Communication Affairs Bureau did not provide details about the casualties, our Assosa correspondent Negassa Desalegn said in a statement that the attack was carried out by members of the OLF Shene.

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