Thursday , November 25 2021
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Tigray – Military Tensions

Abiy Ahmed is trying to enlist the support of external forces to help him annihilate and dismantle the state of Tigrai and its people because Tigrai is the only organized opposition to his political ambitions and future dictatorship.

The worst is yet to come, during and after the coming Ethiopian election there will be more political turmoil in Ethiopia. The red line has been already drawn on the sand between the supporters of the current federal system and the opposing groups. The political atmosphere is toxic and hostile and there are clear indications there might be violence. Both supporters and the opposing groups are armed if the Abiy government continue neglecting the security of the country, things will get out of hand. Only time will tell if the Ethiopian people will have a democratically elected, endorsed by the majority and all nationalities, restoring democracy, peace with equality, and fairness. Or are we going to see a government without legal election, denying all basic democracy and right of the nationalities crowned as the Ethiopian Adolf Hitler during the 20th century.


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