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New Command Centers Political fever in Tigray

The Tigrai people recognized Abiy Ahmed immediately he was an imposter and he will be their worst enemy in history. Abiy Ahmed announced he had singed a peace agreement with the Eritrean government without the knowledge and participation of the Tigrai people.  Meanwhile the government of Eritrea maintained the no war no peace with the Tigrai people. This led to countless rumors and several speculations because both the Eritrean and the Ethiopian prime minister are clear enemies of the people of Tigrai.

There was hope and ambitious by The Amhara people was hoping that the new prime minister who they supported whole heartedly will endorse and restore their old fake kingdom, but instead they were plunged to the worst bloodshed with Kemant people. The conflict resulted in the total decimation of Kemant towns, villages, farms and livelihood. Now the damage by the Amhara Special Forces is irreversible, the people cannot live together in one regional state.



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