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Breaking News: Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba were ordered to be released

The charges against Jawar Mohammed and 24 others arrested in connection with the assassination of Hachalu Hundesa are due to be heard today.

Their case is being heard by the Federal High Court. Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Adane, and Shemsedin Taha appeared in court wearing yellow prison uniforms.

It is also seen as a cover for the mouth and nose with the image of Hachalu.

The defendants were arrested in two chains, and prosecutors showed that they were handcuffed as they entered the courtroom.

They were later released by the prosecutor, who ordered that they be released.

Dejene Tafa, an OFCO member who was previously unable to attend due to other charges, was present today.

The trial began in the courtroom, attended by 20 people, including the defendants’ families.
“We have been chained since this morning. We have been chained in this house for two hours. We have asked for their release, but they have not been released,” said Hamza Borena.

“They came at 12 o’clock in the morning and knocked on our door. They didn’t even let us eat breakfast,” said OMN journalist Meles Dribsa.

Defendants’ attorneys, for their part, said, “We are asking for a court order as this is a disgrace to these people because they are politicians.”

His lawyers added that he was not receiving medical treatment.

Lawyers for Alemwork Assefa, a 17-year-old defendant, said his wife was abroad and that he had arranged for them to contact him by phone.

The sixth defendant, Mastard Temam, said he was arrested two weeks before his wedding and asked to call his fiancé abroad.

Defendants detained in three different locations, on the other hand, said they could not speak without their lawyers and three other people.
The court also requested that the lawyers be given access to their clients.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.
Seventh defendant, Arfat Abubakar, raised the issue of national liberation exams and asked the court to order him to obtain textbooks and other educational materials.

Dejene Tafa, on the other hand, said he feared for his life.

“Yesterday we heard someone come in through the window and talk to us. When we asked who they were, they left without telling us. So we don’t know who will come in or out,” he said.

Jawar Mohammed, for his part, began to raise his hand in protest against the prosecution, ordering judges to file a complaint with their lawyers.

Judges also read out the charges against the lawyers and defendants, asking for a verdict at the end of the hearing.

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