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Addis Ababa, Cleansing Tigrian National Civil Servants.

I studied in AAU and started my career as a civil servant in Addis Ababa until I quit some 8 yrs back with nothing but a solid expriance to move on. I have worked in three different authorities plus a part timer in public higher education institutions. Back then, even though the attitude was always there, I was recruited through a genuine competetive recruitment proccess. I had also an oppotunity to recruit junior professionals in my area of responsibility. Never checked their ethinic background over their professional qualification.

Now, it is my worest nightmare. I can’t imagine waking up from my bed and the rest of my day is a government work place in Addis. I feel the level of frustration my fellow Tigrean national civil servants are facing these days.

I have met plenty of them; whose offices were stormed by unkown individuals claiming to have been appointed by a “higher authority” & telling them to hand their office keys over. The reason they bring is “you know things have changed”. To your dismay, no official letter is written to either the ones claiming to have been appointed or to those ones compelled to leave.

Rumers has it that over 7,000 civil servants are fired/listed this way. The livelihhod of their families would certainly be compromised. They also are being thrown out of government owned houses illegally. Not only that these families are deprived of their income, but also the basic need for shelter. It is extremly devastating to live in a country where your own goverment is your worst enemy.

There is certainly an end to whatever comes around, but it is so unfortunate that good end is so unlikely. At least those at the helm of power are not interested that way. Cripling the social capital from its roots. That only assures that the Ethiopia they dream is Tigray-less. The current regime appears to be a copy cut of the Derg regime.

In fact it looks to me that it is a revenging machine against Tigreans for the 17 yrs of war for liberation that once forever changed the political map of Ethiopia some 28 yrs a go. The people in charge of the government are the very people/sympathizers of who have bombed towns of Tigray in broad day light. They may even think that they are too generous to us this time around. Whenever they think they have the power, they won’t hesitate doing any thing at their disposal to crush Tigray and its working elite.

The events a head of us will unfold in due time revealing new chapters to the political spectrum of this country. All these will settle down. In either way the sun will set for these short sighted hit and ran foreing power stooges. Only and only if we unite and strugle.

My advise to those that are unfairly being chased out from their work. Take note of everthing happening and any shred of evidences. Tomorrow is not far.

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