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“It is a national disgrace to say the US Renaissance Dam is no longer required to intervene in the summit of the United States.”

Press release about Ethiopian Great Renaissance dam from Tigrai regional State. “የሶስተኛ አገር ጣልቃ ገብነት አያስፈልም የሚለው አቋም ታጥፎ አሜሪካ የጠራችው ስብሰባ ላይ እንገኛለን ማለት አገራዊ ውርደት ነው፡፡ ‘የሚካሄደው ውይይት ነው’ የሚባለውም እየደረሰ ያለውን የሉአላዊነት መደፈር ለመሸፋፈን የተደረገ ነው፡፡”አቶ ገ/ሚካኤል መለስ በታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ የትግራይ የህዝብ ተሳትፎ ማስተባበሪያ ፅ/ቤት …

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Ethiopia PM hit by protests during engagement in Oromia’s Ambo

A section of Ethiopians protested against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed when he participated in a community consultation mission in the town of Ambo in Oromia regional state. Materials shared on social media showed a cross section of protesters chanting anti-Abiy slogans amid high security presence. The state-run Fana broadcasting corporate …

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Must Watch Ethiopian Police Member Act

The term Sodom is found in the Bible. It’s like the work of Sodom. Sodom and Gomorrah They are villages in the history of the Bible. At that time, in this village, male and female, male and female. He was angry and destroyed the city with fire. Since then, men …

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