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Gebru Asrat is Speaking on Dr Debretsion and Dr Abiy

Gebru was born in Mekelle, Ethiopia and attended Atse Yohannes High School and Haile Selassie I University during the early 1970s. He holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in economics. After the TPLF defeated the Derg in the Ethiopian Civil War, Gebru became President of Tigray Region. Under Gebru a number of institutions of higher education, industries, hospitals and infrastructures were …

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“There is Unique Oil In Tigray” Dr. Debretsion

Debretsion was born and raised in Shire Inda Selassie, Tigray Province, Ethiopia. He was described by some as being one of the best students in the province and received a perfect score on his entrance examinations. He was admitted into Addis Ababa University, however, he forwent his studies to join the TPLF and fight …

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Dawit Eyob New Eritrean Comedy 2019 Almidkani Eka

Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups in its population of around 5 million. Most residents speak languages from the Afroasiatic family, either of the Ethiopian Semitic languages or Cushitic branches. This name relates to that of the Red Sea, then called the Erythræan Sea, from the Greek for “red”, ἐρυθρός, erythros. …

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International Meetings in Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

State of Tigray (Tigrinya:  kilil Tigrāy; Official name: Tigrinya:  Bəh̩erawi Kəllelawi Mängəśti Təgray, English: Tigray National Regional State”) is the northernmost of the nine regions (kililat) of Ethiopia. Tigray is the homeland of the Tigrayan, Irob and Kunama peoples. Tigray is also known as Region 1 according to the federal constitution. Its capital and largest city is Mekelle. Tigray is the 6th largest by area, the …

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