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The fire was completely destroyed.

“The 5 thousand people have been involved in controlling the fire of the North Mountains National Park, and those who participated in the project are grateful.” North Gondar Zone Bahirdar, March 27 (Addis Ababa) – The fire of the park has been completely destroyed, the North Gondar Zone reported. “The …

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“Peach and Generation”

What did our secretary do to have a single country? Are our printed publications announcing or misleading us? Why is a literary texts based on a single ethnicity a major symbol of the sun in Ethiopia? Part of the books, especially those written in the 10th and 15th century, are: …

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A silver jewelry stolen worth 7.5 million birr was seized

On March 21, 2011, an estimated 7.5 million Birr stolen silver stamped Italian version of the Italian Orthodox Merchandise was seized by a moderator. The Ministry of Revenue has detained two suspects for stealing 151 kilograms of silver jewelry. The silver jewelry was seized while transporting a license plate code …

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Development for Afar

Afro-Tsion Construction Plc. Duplicate G. On March 24, 2011, Ato Wul-Raki and Ato Azzi’s funeral was set up to build a fully-equipped primary school at Ato Sisi Hijoysey.

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The crash of Ethiopian Airlines plane was first released

The company has been in the process of enforcing the aircraft, according to the company. Minister of Transport, Dagimimile Moges, made a statement on the state of emergency report: The investigation was carried out following international procedures. An Emergency Testing Unit under the Ministry of Transport has started work after …

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