Sunday , September 22 2019

Meaza Yohanns – Qelbey (Official Video) | Ethiopian Tigrigna Music 2019

Tigrayans (Tigrinya: tägaru), also known as Tigrinyas, are a Habesha ethnic group in Eritrea and Ethiopia. They mainly inhabit the highlands of Eritrea and the Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia, with diaspora communities in many countries. In Eritrea they comprise about 55% of the population, i.e. above three million people (and additionally half …

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The Qimant People are Killed by ADP Leaders

The Qemant  are a small subgroup of the Agaw people in Ethiopia, who traditionally practiced an early Hebraic religion. Despite their historic relationship, they should not be confused with the Beta Israel. The ethnicity’s population is roughly 50,000, according to the 1994 national census; the latest available national census, the …

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Submission from the Central Committee (OFFICIAL)

The TPLF commemorating the one-day meeting of the TPLF Summit, which was held on July 2, 2011, in the face of the recent global warming of the leaders of the Amhara Region and the Amhara Regional State, has put in place a comprehensive review of the overall situation in the …

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