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Submission from the Central Committee (OFFICIAL)

The TPLF commemorating the one-day meeting of the TPLF Summit, which was held on July 2, 2011, in the face of the recent global warming of the leaders of the Amhara Region and the Amhara Regional State, has put in place a comprehensive review of the overall situation in the …

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Question From The Axum Residents

Axum or Aksum  in Ethiopia is the site of the historic capital of the Aksumite Empire. It is now a tourist town with a population of 66,800 residents (as of 2015). The Aksumite Empire was a naval and trading power that ruled the region from about 400 BCE into the 10th century. In 1980, UNESCO added Axum’s archaeological sites …

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PM Abiy Ahmed In Axum

Abiy Ahmed Ali  born 15 August 1976, is an Ethiopian politician serving since 2 April 2018 as the fourth and current Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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tigreans are the base for our Country Ethiopia

he Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)  “Popular Struggle for the Freedom of Tigray”; popularly known as ወያነ Wäyanä or ወያኔ Wäyane in older texts and Amharic publications), according to its official history, was established on 18 February 1975 in Dedebit, northwestern Tigray.

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Federalism is the only for Ethiopia

Federalism is the mixed or compound mode of government, combining a general government (the central or ‘federal’ government) with regional governments (provincial, state, cantonal, territorial or other sub-unit governments) in a single political system. Its distinctive feature, exemplified in the founding example of modern federalism by the United Statesunder the Constitution of 1787, is …

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