Thursday , April 2 2020
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Dr. Abiy Ahmed About The Election

The Election of Dr. This week the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Party voted for Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister following the resignation of Mr. Abiy Ahmed leads the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization, one of the four parties of the Front. In a parliamentary system, the governing party elects the country’s Prime …

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News From BahirDar

Official Dr. Abiy Ahmed is starting at now having a discussion with people from the national trade-off commission. During the social affair, the Commission, which was set up a year back, gave an arrangement to the Prime Minister on its activities over the earlier year. Among the activities grasped by …

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Two Ethiopians Passed Away by Corona Virus

These days, coronavirus is the term that causes panic, shock, fear, and anxiety the second we hear it and Ethiopians are one of this victim and two people are dying from it. Yet, as the focus is on its fast speed of spreading globally and constantly rising numbers of newly …

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