Tuesday , January 14 2020
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Eden Kesete – Kizirifeka (Official Video) | Eritrean Music

Eden Kesete is a musician from Asmara, Eritrea. She draws inspiration from Eritrean oldies and her songs are rich in lyricism. Having been on the Eritrean music since 2012, Eden is one of the artists who continually impress the Eritrean music fans with her releases. Her other releases include singles …

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TPLF Song- by Hiluf Alemu

Hiluf Alemu is one of the famous Tigrigna Musicians. He has many Songs. Most of them are not in Video rather they are in Audio. His Songs are also mostly about the struggle of the people of Tigray.

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Yaru Makaveli x Danay x Beki Jordan x Fili Major – Weyn | Cypher Tigrigna Music 2019

The Tigrinya language (also spelled Tigrigna), is a Semitic language spoken by Tigrinyas of East Africa. They live primarily in modern countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Eritrea has nine languages of equal status. There is no official language at the policy level. In Ethiopia, Tigrinya is spoken in the Tigray region. It is also spoken by groups of emigrants from these regions, including …

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Watch TPLF Official Getachew Reda dances to Wolayta music

TPLF will never accept a unity created for the sake of [political] power,” Getachew Reda. Getachew said this when asked to comment on recent reports that EPRDF was finalizing preparations to unify as one party called “Ethiopian Prosperity Party.” “As a principle, what TPLF believes is not how individuals can stay …

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