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Submission from the Central Committee (OFFICIAL)

The TPLF commemorating the one-day meeting of the TPLF Summit, which was held on July 2, 2011, in the face of the recent global warming of the leaders of the Amhara Region and the Amhara Regional State, has put in place a comprehensive review of the overall situation in the country. Important milestones and decisions were established.

At this time, we are in a state of serious concern that is likely to be worsened by the worsening of our country. Often the danger of increasing the risk of homicide has risen steadily since last year, and the speed of acceleration has increased dramatically, with the recent death toll in high-ranking military and regional leaders of the country.

We have now reached a gradual breakdown of destruction because of the fact that the Eternal Partnership reaffirmed the dignity of the country and made it impossible for the Ethiopians to break apart in the middle of the night. On the contrary, it has created a situation where the dignity and dignity of this country is invaded, as long as they are beaten, imprisoned, and demonized.

In order to prevent people from losing their lives and possessions due to their identity and property, to dismantle homeless people and to lose their livelihood because of their identity, they must be dismantled, at times underestimated in the country’s conflicts and millions of citizens, and the rule of lawless Constitutional and federal systems have been created to make it possible for the extremist forces to function.

If the TPLF are the leaders of human rights and the interests of the people and the interests of the people, they do not know how to exploit their own individual interests and needs.

No one is called a person who is called noble. The desire and desire of all people is one and the same. As for her friend, the enemy knows that the TPLF is today, today, and tomorrow, the highest honor for the people, and the public faith. In the past, it has been a tolerant and vestigial organization, alongside the Amhara people.

The Amharas, therefore, can not be called to be proud. However, these anti-Semitic people are plagiarizing as a nation of people to fulfill their dream of fulfilling their dreams. They are fighting for the blood of the people in Alabama. However, like the Eritrean people of Ethiopia, the Amhara people have paid their respects for peace, development and democratization by creating Ethiopia, Ethiopia.

The beginning of the promised development and development is in full swing. Security and security institutions have never been able to maintain the peace and security of the country at all times. The fact that the army’s high-ranking army’s assassination assumes the fact that the government is in the throes of the welfare and peace of the people, desperately trying to satisfy their power of desire, is undermining the constitutional and federal divide.

In such a situation, it has become even harder to estimate what happens daily. The situation of the state has been blamed for the abusive and uncompetitive approach to eliminate high officials, thereby reducing the number of corrupt officials. On the contrary, it has been an altercation in the face of all this change and it has been deliberately committed to the pursuit of evil. Even the responsible security and security body responsible for maintaining the peace and security of the country is not working to ensure accountability.

By recognizing the danger of the country’s survival, the Tenth Secretariat has reinforced the strengths of the struggle that it has set in the past.

  1. The Assassination Forces of the Patrols of the Patriotic Commanders The internal and external forces, directly and indirectly, from the point of view of direct and indirect involvement, should be promptly screened by the separatists, responsible for the security of the security and security leaders in the plot, and the refinancing process and results to the Ethiopian people at regular intervals. The TMIQ will call for clarification.


  1. At this time, the scattered nation and then the confluence of confidence. This power is given as a chance and as is being done by ADP. As a result, Ada Party must apologize to the Ethiopian people for making a thorough and responsible accountability of the massacres, especially those that are being executed by the leadership.

It should be noted that the outlining of the problem must be solved by the third party and the other hand with the other hand. The public also realized that it was impossible to live in such a situation. Therefore, the Tenthastory Committee will call on ADP to clarify its internal issues in detail on all issues. If this is not possible, it should be noted that the TPLF has been struggling to work with such power.


  1. The fundamental problem that has arisen since this time is that the organization of all the underlying and self-supporting ideas has been supported by the struggle of the Dharma in the EPRDF. He urged the ECCC to ensure that the EPRDF is re-established and reaffirmed with a clear and firmly defined struggle for freedom and freedom of the country to ensure the stability and well-being of our country.


  1. The National Defense Force TPLF and Tigray People are continuing to fight in the struggle to fulfill this constitutional duty and the national sovereignty of your country and to uphold your constitutional duty to protect your country’s peace and security. It confirms that you are fighting.


  1. The TTP commends the TTP that the TPLF, as the Constitution and the Federal Government, has a broad and multi-purpose forum with the aim of protecting the people, the nation and the people in the future.


  1. The question of the regional and nationalities of the Southern Nations and Nationalities should be resolved in a constitutional fashion. In this case, the effort to deal with the people’s demands by force or by any other method is completely unacceptable.


  1. The TTP recommends that the federal government ensure peace of mind, respect for the rule of law and the rule of law, ensure human and democratic rights of citizens, and implement the constitution and constitutional order without fail.

Honored people of Tigray

You will be able to move forward through the lines of your illusion and your struggles every single time, through your line and organization. Throughout your course of wisdom, patience and intelligence, you are steadfastly pursuing your goals and objectives. Unable to get frustrated, knee, and head to fall, you will lose your best fighters. However, the sacrifice is not new for you. You still have to fight for your struggles and fight for the fight. You have a clear victory for your coming victory, with the intention of ensuring consistent, unified commitment as long as you have true and fair struggle. Strengthen your solidarity with your organization and organization. Regularly monitor the situation that is happening.

Honorable National Unity Nations and Peoples

Yesterday, yesterday’s unified power and its unofficial system of sacrifice, which had been demolished by the people and the sacrifice of the people, is on the horizon and on the inside and outside of the power to eradicate the constitutional and democratic treaties of the people. Therefore, the Tenth Central Committee calls upon us to work together to ensure our peace and our constitutional order, and for the preservation of our country’s stability.

Glory and grace for the brave genders

Tigray People’s Liberation Front

July 3, 2011


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